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Protecting every surface of those who go deep.

The beauty of the outdoors lies in its grand intentional design. We believe that every part has its purpose. Each element built perfectly to thrive. And it's within this beauty, we find our potential to protect.

Harnessing the elements to create what was thought impossible. We can learn from nature's resolve. Grow from it. Safeguard it. And when we stop mastering, and start channeling the outdoors, we unlock a new kind of performance in skincare. We reach our best where we truly belong.

In this stillness, we become freaks of nature.


  • We’re relentless about sourcing minerals, bio-actives and natural ingredients that are well-researched, standardized, and efficacious because our priority is your skin, your wellbeing and that of mother nature.
  • Our bottles are an engineering feat as it’s the first ever airless pump made of 100% recycled plastic sourced from our partner, Oceanworks®. This material is entirely traceable and written on a digital ledger.
  • Thanks to our work with Impac+ by Oceanworks®, it is our aim to remove an additional 25,000 pounds of plastic from coastal areas by April 22, 2025 (Earth Day).

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