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Hi-tech, Natural skincare

“Nature can teach us a lot. For one, how to thrive in the elements. With nature's freaks as our inspiration and science as our compass, we are reimagining everyday skin health for the outdoors.

Unlock your own Superhuman Skin with Freaks of Nature™, so you can thrive out there too.”

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater, Co-Founder, Professional Surfer, 11x WSL World Champion

Nature is our lab so it can be your playground.

B-Silk™ - Inspired by the strength and elasticity of spider silk, B-Silk™ protein is a patented clean skin health breakthrough, developed in exclusive partnership with Freaks of Nature for the use in SPF. B-silk is a biobased, biodegradable, and vegan polypeptide, which gives both functional and sensorial benefits, B-Silk™ delivers silky softness, environmental defense, and clinically-proven results.

A black square is centered on a white background. The square has clean, straight edges and occupies a plain, minimalist design.

Oléoactif™ Bacillus Ferment, a bacterial microbe uncovered in the depths of a French volcano's thermal environment, and fermented to become a powerful post-biotic with an ability to improve skin barrier functions. Oléoactif™ Bacillus Ferment offers a natural and effective solution for enhancing the skin's protective barrier, resilience against environmental stressors and promoting overall skin health with clinically-proven results.

A black silhouette of a stylized hand cursor pointing upwards, with a rounded shape and smooth edges, set against a white background.

Neossance™ Squalane provides a sustainable solution for enhancing skin health by offering deep moisturizing, microbial diversity in the skin’s biome and anti-aging benefits. With clinically-proven results. Unlike traditional methods that extract squalene from deep-sea shark livers or rely on olive oil, which faces environmental risks, Neossance® Squalane offers superior purity and consistency. Leveraging synthetic biology, this sugarcane-derived squalane is produced through yeast fermentation, aiming to save over 2 million sharks annually.

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