Founder: Ron Madison

AntLogoRon is a multi-time World Drug-Free Powerlifting Champion with multiple world records who has also been recognized ­five times as “Best Lifter” pound-for-pound at the World Level. As a child Ron was stricken with a rare bone disease that affected the growth of the ball of his hip (Leg Calf-Perthese Disease). Doctors told Ron’s parents that he may never walk again and would most likely never be able to play any organized sports. After many failed experimental surgeries and procedures Ron started strength training with an incredible desire to beat this disease on his own. After exhausting everything they could think of medically, his doctors would set him free with a prescription for morphine and hope for a miracle. The progress that Ron made in next few months astounded the medical community without explanation. Ron would later go on to win the National High School Powerlifting Championships both his Junior and Senior years. As well as set multiple National and American Records in the Bench Press and Total Weight Combined Categories with the ADFPA / USA Powerlifting Federation, along with having been recognized as playing a “Key Role” on his Class A (13-0) State Championship Football Team.

After years of competing and training other lifters and athletes, Ron decided to look to other ways of making a lasting impact on the sport of powerlifting which he has become so passionate about and feels has helped him overcome many obstacles in his life both physical and other. Any dedicated athlete appreciates any specific exercise or piece of equipment they feel has a significant impact on their progress and ability to train effectively without setbacks. For this reason Ron worked on a few key pieces of equipment that were released at the World Drug-Free Single Event Powerlifting Championships that he hosted in his home town Muskegon, MI. (worldpowerliftingmuskegon.com)

This all leads us to the creation of “FREAKSOFNATURE.COM”. After struggling for some time to come up with a ­fitting name for his equipment Ron overheard a training partner talking with the owner of the gym where they had recently started to train. The gym owner who was amazed after just witnessing one of Ron’s lifts made the claim that he had, “…never seen anyone that strong around here before”, and his training partner would reply,

“he’s just a FREAK OF NATURE”.…..THAT WAS IT!

Since his early years in the gym Ron could remember not only how often people would describe him this way, but how proud it would make him feel to be recognized this way by other achieved athletes and people who shared his work ethic and passion. Most of us have at least a few trophies and awards somewhere from some sort of competition whether big or small, but you can add them all up and they don’t even begin to compare to the respect and appreciation paid to you by another achieved athlete who has busted their ass just like you, striving to beat only themselves on a daily basis. It usually comes right after quietly witnessing something that shocks and amazes them while stopping everyone else in sight in their tracks……… and then they pay you the ultimate compliment and label you as a “FREAK OF NATURE”.

FREAK OF NATURE Apparel can be purchased in order to show your support for all the hard work in keeping the dream alive. Anyone who purchases a piece of FREAK OF NATURE Powerlifting Equipment will receive one free FREAKS OF NATURE piece of apparel. Those of you who think you are or know a real life “FREAK OF NATURE” can send us a video and apply for our exclusive club of “SUPER FREAKS”. SUPER FREAK Apparel cannot be purchased, but will only be awarded to the select few ultimate and “SUPER FREAKS” worldwide. If you are accepted into our exclusive club, your video will be proudly displayed at all times on our webpage. You will be sent one complimentary “SUPER FREAK” shirt to wear proudly recognizing your place in this exclusive group.



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